Zippo's magic dream

​Who is Zippo

Funky Magic Style

Magician, Dancer (popper), MSc in TU Delft

Zippo, the funky magician originated from China to set your event on fire!


Zippo was interested in magic when he was a kid but it was only after 2009, the famous magician Lu chen performed at the Chinese Spring Festival. Gala did he start to go deep into this area.

Originally from China and now based in the Netherlands, he is not only a bright spark, an incredible magician specialized in manipulation but also a dancer! He is one of the founders of the Magic Alliance of Chongqing (one of the biggest in China) .

Together with the Dutch School of Magic, Zippo is now working on his new act combined manipulaion with popping dance, which is a mordern act and fit his charater as a energetic youth. The act is personal coached by including Ger Copper (previous world champion of magic), Christian Farla (one of the best illusionist in the world)